Pinewood Derby

2021  Wo-Ha-Li District Pinewood Derby

Saturday, February 27, 2021, At The ETAC Scout Center

1331 E 5th Street, Tyler, TX 75701

This year we will race by rank allowing appropriate distancing to be observed.

In order to race, register your scout’s car below and show up at the assigned time with your car.

You do not have to place first, second, or third in your pack races this year. This means anybody with a car can come and race for their appropriate ranks.

There is no cost to enter the race this year. We will race as many races during your time slot as possible. If time allows Scouts will even be able to pull the starting lever.

Lions start at 8:00 AM

Tigers start at 9:00 AM

Wolves start at 10:00 AM

Bears start at 11:00 AM

Webelos start at 12:00 PM

Arrow of Light start at 1:00 PM

Pinewood Derby Registration